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Keep the Flow Going

Cerebrospinal fluid immerses the brain and spinal cord in essential nutrients, cleanses the brain and spinal cord of waste material, and flows throughout the body contributing to whole-body biochemical equilibrium.  Imbalance of the autonomic nervous system can decrease the production of cerebrospinal fluid, which can lead to nutrient loss and toxicity of the brain or spinal cord, as well as biochemical and cellular stress throughout the body.

Cerebrospinal fluid is produced in four interconnected cavities within the brain, called ventricles.  The autonomic nervous system controls the amount of cerebrospinal fluid that is created.  Nerve fibers from two parts of the autonomic nervous system send signals to the ventricles.

The two autonomic nervous system parts are: the sympathetic, referred to as the “fight, flight or freeze” or “stress response” division; and the parasympathetic, called the “rest, digest and renew” or “healing” division.

The autonomic nervous system can become imbalanced due to things like infection, chronic pain, disease or stress.  This can increase sympathetic division signals sent to the ventricles, which can lessen cerebrospinal fluid production by as much as 30%. On the other hand, parasympathetic signals sent to the ventricles increases cerebrospinal fluid production so the system can create the maximum amount for a healthy brain, spinal cord and body.

Reducing the body’s “stress response,” especially when a stressful state is chronic, helps to rebalance the autonomic nervous system. This can increase parasympathetic signals sent to the ventricles, which optimizes cerebrospinal fluid production. Then the brain, spinal cord and body as a whole can receive ideal levels of nutrition and cleansing.

Craniosacral Therapy is an effective method that can lessen stress, balance the autonomic nervous system, and optimize cerebrospinal fluid production and flow leading to optimal health, healing and well-being.