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Irritated Nerve Cells Can Cause Ill Health

Irritated nerve cells (INCs) can cause a wide range of ill health, such as: pain, chronic stress, migraine, dizziness, or difficulty breathing. Craniosacral Therapy can reduce nerve cell irritation, which helps the body heal.

INCs can be anywhere in the body’s vast neurological network. They can be in the brain, or spinal cord, or clumps of nerves called ganglia. Nerves receive, organize, modify, and transmit information required for all activity, like: sleeping, walking, talking, eating, or thinking, to name a few.

Nerves form communication networks with other nerves, or with body parts. When nerve cells become hyper-irritated they can no longer do their job in an organized way. This disorganization causes chaotic communication between nerves, or between nerves and body parts.

Body parts can lose normal function when neurological communication is chaotic. For instance, INCs within the spinal cord communicating with a leg muscle may cause that muscle to be in chronic spasm, or INCs within an area of the brain involved in memory processing may cause difficulty remembering recent experiences.

Often INCs are undetected because they are hidden in the nervous system. If INCs are not found then they remain the cause of dysfunction.  When the cause of dysfunction is not addressed then the effects of that cause will usually persist.

Craniosacral therapy can locate INCs and then help the body reduce nerve cell hyper-irritation. This can lessen harmful nerve stress, which stimulates normal nerve-to-nerve, nerve-to-body, or body-to-nerve, communication. Greater ease of function within the nervous system and within the body arises as nerve communication normalizes, thus helping the body heal in a multitude of ways.