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Follow the Arcs to Know Where to Go

“Arcing” is a CranioSacral Therapy (CST) evaluation method used to locate areas in the body that are causing dysfunction. These areas are called “active lesions.” An active lesion can produce wide-ranging health problems. Arcing is a hands-on way of discovering active lesions by sensing energetic disturbances in the body. Finding and treating active lesions is a major goal of CST.

When energy within the human being is organized and used well then the body can work and heal at its peak levels. The energy in an active lesion lacks optimal organization, which creates a pocket or pattern of chaotic energy within the body. Chaotic energy will often impair normal structure, physiology or function that can lead to dysfunction and ill health.

Dr. Upledger, creator of CST, describes the chaotic (entropic) energy emanating from an active lesion as entropic energetic oscillating globes.  These globes radiate outward from the center of an active lesion, and oscillate back and forth.  The entropic globes can be felt throughout the entire body as an oscillating disturbance of the craniosacral rhythm.

A CST practitioner can feel and follow the curves (arcs) of the entropic oscillations to precisely where the center of an active lesion is located.  Once the lesion is detected then the practitioner can use CST techniques to help the client’s body: rid itself of entropy, reorganize energy patterns, and facilitate optimal body form, function, healing and health.