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Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow

This video shows the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is produced in the ventricular system, which is deep in the brain. The ventricular system is comprised of four specialized cavities that communicate with each other by way of channels.

CSF flows:

1. throughout the ventricles

2. into the subarachnoid space

3. around the brain and spinal cord within the subarachnoid space

4. into and throughout the brain and spinal cord tissue

5. out of the brain and spinal cord back into the subarachnoid space

6. into the arachnoid villi

7. into the intracranial sinus system

8. into the jugular vein

9. into the body’s general circulation

Some of the major functions of CSF are to protect the brain and spinal cord by “floating” them within the subarachnoid fluid filled space; supply nutrients to the brain tissue; help maintain optimal brain and spinal cord: temperature, hormonal balance and ph; and to remove waste material from the brain and spinal cord.

The unencumbered flow of CSF is essential for the health and healing of the brain and spinal cord.